Reasons Why Continuing Education Is Important for Insurance Brokers

As an insurance broker, you had to go through intense training and pass an exam in order to obtain your license. All of that hard work surely paid off, but that doesn't mean that you're done learning about the insurance industry. Most insurance brokers complete a number of continuing education (CE) hours each year. In some cases, it is required, while in other cases a broker may voluntarily complete the classes. Read More 

Why It’s Important To Look Over Your New Auto Insurance Policy

When purchasing auto insurance, you might not really be used to paying attention to the actual policy paperwork. After all, auto insurance policy paperwork can seem to be a lot to have to read, and you might assume that you will not understand the various terms that are used in the policy, either. However, after purchasing a new auto insurance policy, it is important to look over the policy for these reasons and more. Read More 

Buying Home Insurance for the First Time? Know These 3 Things

If you are buying your first home, one of the requirements of your mortgage lender is that you need to have homeowners' insurance. If not, your mortgage won't be approved by your lender. It helps to know these 3 things about your homeowners' insurance options before you decide on a policy. 1. Your Deductible Impacts Your Premiums in a Big Way You will have to decide on what kind of deductible you want for your homeowners' insurance policy, which is how much you pay before your insurance provider will start paying the difference. Read More 

Five Insurance Policies Your Should Consider for Your First Business

If you are opening your first business with a storefront, one of the things you will need before you open your doors for the first time is insurance. As a business, there are many forms of insurance to consider, and there are many that are required. The following are the most important policies you need to know about. A liability insurance policy If you have any customers or clients that walk through your front door, you will need liability business insurance to protect yourself and your business. Read More 

Why It’s Often Possible To Find Cheap Car Insurance When You Shop Online

If you have always worked with local car insurance agents when purchasing car insurance, you might have never really thought about buying car insurance online. However, if you are in the market for cheap car insurance, you should know that it's often possible to find cheaper car insurance when shopping online than when shopping with a local car insurance agent. These are a few reasons why. You May Have More Choices to Choose From Read More