Did Your Dog Bite Your Best Friend? Homeowner’s Insurance May Help You

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and one that you need to take seriously. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your pet could bite your best friend when they are visiting and cause a serious dispute. However, your homeowner's insurance could help you out in this situation by providing you with the coverage you need to handle their health needs. Dog Bites Can End Friendships There are many signs that a dog is about to bite somebody. Read More 

Types Of Coverage You May Want From Your Homeowner’s Policy

Insurance can help to cover you in the event that your home experiences any number of problems or damages. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies will provide the same standards of coverage, and there may be some types of protection that you will need to add to your current policy. Rental Costs In the event that the house is severely damaged or destroyed, you and your family may need to vacate it until it is repaired or rebuilt. Read More 

How Lifestyle Factors Affect Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know that the kind of life you live is a major factor in determining the type of homeowner's insurance coverage you need? This makes sense if you consider that some lifestyles expose you (and your home insurance carrier) to different and more risks than others. Here are a few examples of lifestyle factors that may have an impact on your home insurance: Pet Ownership The type and number of pets you own should and will affect your home insurance in several ways. Read More 

New Graduate? Don’t Be Shocked By Auto Insurance Costs!

You've put in your time at university and now you have a new diploma in your hand. You are also likely stepping out fully into the adult world, which means you can no longer remain on your parent's auto insurance policy. The increase in costs can be shocking for a new graduate, since you will lose many discounts -- such as multi-policy discounts, your parents' driving history discounts, and any student discounts. Read More 

Supplementing Your Medicare Insurance: Should You, Or Shouldn’t You?

All this talk going around about Medicare supplements and how confusing they are is enough to make you question whether you should even bother. What further complicates the matter is the fact that you are in very good health for your age. Why should you purchase this or that supplement? You are having an internal argument with yourself over the expense, and having to sort out which supplements would even be worth your time. Read More