Finding The Best Insurance Deal With SR-22 Insurance

Being convicted of drunk driving is costly in a huge number of ways. You can lose your freedom, your job, your relationships and your license to drive. Once you have completed the other requirements necessary to make restitution for your conviction, you will probably be ordered by the court to obtain an SR-22 certificate. Sometimes this is called SR-22 insurance, but the DMV explains that it is not an insurance policy. It is a certificate you get from your insurance company that proves you have let your insurance company know that you have been convicted of driving while under the influence and are therefore considered a high risk candidate for insurance. Your insurance premiums will go up when this happens, but there are several steps you can take to control the damage. 

Talk to Your Insurance Provider, and Be Honest

You will need to call your insurance provider and let them know that you need an SR-22. When you make that call, talk to a representative about your background and needs. Be completely transparent and let them know what you did and what happened as a result. 

Ask the representative to give you a new quote on your insurance policy. It might seem shockingly high at first, but don't overreact and cancel your policy before you talk to some other companies. You might find out that your current insurance provider is actually giving you the best deal. 

Talk to Several Other Companies

After you get a quote from your current insurance provider, you will want to speak with several other insurance companies. It can be very difficult to tell your story repeatedly to insurance company representative, but it is necessary if you want to find the best deal. 

Be honest with each of the companies you speak to, and write down the quotes each gives you. Don't feel pressured to make any decisions right away. 

Ask About Discounts and Ways to Reduce Your Premium

You might be able to get some discounts on your premium, but they might not be offered to you unless you ask for them. Start by asking your current insurance company if they offer a loyalty discount. If you have been with the same company for many years you might be able to get a lower quote. 

You should also ask about any changes you can make to your car that will make a dent in your premiums. For example, you might be able to score a discount if you have a security system installed. 

If you were ordered to take defensive driving courses or classes about the appropriate use of alcohol, be sure that the insurance companies know that. If you were not required to take these classes, consider signing up for them. You may be able to use them to get a discount.

Consider Not Driving

You may not want to have to think about it, but you should at least spend some time thinking about ways you could get by without driving for the next few years. Do you have access to public transportation, or do you have friends, family or a partner who would be willing to help you? Many people are not able to drive but are still able to hold down a job and have an active social life. 

The laws vary by state, but an SR-22 certificate is typically required for about 3 years after your conviction. If you could manage to stop driving for that period of time, you would save yourself a great deal of money. 

Having to get an SR-22 is annoying and expensive, but it may be necessary. You can help yourself if you have a peek here and take the time to find the best deals, making a plan to get yourself back on track.