Why The Lowest Car Insurance Quote May Not Be Your Best Option

Plenty of auto insurance companies these days claim to offer the lowest rates, but cheap coverage shouldn't be the only thing you look for while shopping for auto insurance. When you purchase the cheapest policy you can find just for sake of saving money, you could be putting yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle at risk. Here are a few reasons why the lowest car insurance quote you find might not always be the best choice.

Missing Coverage

While each individual state is granted the authority to determine their specific auto insurance requirements, all states in the country require minimum amounts of:

  • bodily injury protection
  • property damage protection

When you shop simply for the lowest rate, you're probably only receiving quotes for state minimum coverage. Sure, it'll be your cheapest option, but it won't include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, or protection against under-insured motorists. In the event that you're in a car accident or your vehicle is vandalized, then, you'll be left to pay for the repairs.

Poor Claims Service

As you shop for auto insurance, you may find that some companies offer lower rates than others, even for the exact same coverage amounts. This is something you'll need to be extremely cautious about, as that company's rates are probably cheap for a reason. There's a difference between amount of coverage and quality of coverage. A company with rates that seem too good to be true probably has a reputation for poor customer service or claims service. Therefore, you may save money up front, but if you ever need to speak to an agent or file a claim, you may have a hard time getting through to an actual representative. Be sure to read third-party customer reviews of any car insurance company before you purchase a policy.

Misleading Information

Sometimes, when you receive a quote from an auto insurance company, the number you see isn't the total amount you'll actually pay. Instead, the displayed amount is your policy premium before state taxes and other fees are added. This can be misleading, as these fees can literally add hundreds of dollars to your total premium when it comes time to check out.

Finding a great deal and getting excellent coverage for your car shouldn't be mutually exclusive goals. Take the time to shop around and contact various insurance companies such as the Maynard Insurance Agency Inc; you'll be glad you did.