Supplementing Your Medicare Insurance: Should You, Or Shouldn’t You?

All this talk going around about Medicare supplements and how confusing they are is enough to make you question whether you should even bother. What further complicates the matter is the fact that you are in very good health for your age. Why should you purchase this or that supplement? You are having an internal argument with yourself over the expense, and having to sort out which supplements would even be worth your time. Here are some reasons why you should buy, and what supplements may be best for someone in good health.

Your Health Could Change in a Heartbeat

Did you know that even people with good health can be diagnosed with cancer? You are just jogging along in the park one day when suddenly you drop to the ground. You awake with EMTs around you, and you are loaded into an ambulance for the hospital. After multiple tests to find out why you dropped over, the ER doctor tells you that you have cancer.

Yes, that seems a little dramatic, but it can sneak up on you that quickly. The purpose of buying Medicare supplements is more about being prepared than about treating health problems you have now. If you do not have the correct supplements to help pay for important and costly treatments, you will lose your nest egg when those unexpected health problems arise. In this case, be sure to get Medicare Part D, for drug treatments and medication coverage.

Long-Term Care on the Horizon

There will come a time when life begins to slow down for you. You may still try to keep going, but something as radical as a fall and a broken hip will cause you to change gears. When and if something like that ever happens, you will need long-term care coverage, as well as coverage for your physical therapy, if applicable. If the nursing home or care facility that you want to go to is not covered by original Medicare plan A, you will need Medicare supplement C, which covers private nursing homes and some home healthcare companies.

Long Hospital Stays

More and more senior citizens are contracting pneumococcal pneumonia. This disease puts its victims on long-term hospital bed rest. If you do not have a supplement and Medicare Part A to cover more than four days in a hospital, this will bankrupt you. Because the disease is easy to catch, patients have to be secluded from others; hence, the long hospital stays.

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