Getting Married And Ready To Merge Auto Insurance Policies? What To Know

If you are soon to be married and you want to combine all of your financial accounts together, there are some different things that you want to know before you ditch your own policy. You first want to make sure that you know what can affect your insurance rate, and what things about you or your soon to be spouse could have a negative effect on the process of merging everything. Talk about these different things as you start to apply for new policies to save the most money.

Who Has the Higher Credit Score?

The person with the higher credit score will want to first apply for the auto insurance or you may want to go with a company that they are already using. This financial score plays a part with the rate that you will get when you are applying for an auto insurance policy, and whoever has the higher credit score may want to be the primary person on the account. If the other person's credit score is so low it drives up the policy cost, you may only want to put one person on the account.

What Driving Record Blemishes Do Each of You Have?

You may think that each of you have told each other everything, but it wouldn't be uncommon for you to find out that your soon to be spouse has some speeding tickets that they haven't told you about, or that maybe they got into an accident or had a DUI before they met you.

If these issues arise, then one of you could find it difficult to get auto insurance coverage, or to get a competitive rate. Make sure you know what record problems you have to deal with before you apply, and be sure that it's the best thing to get only one policy.

Can You Take Advantage of Promotions or Deals?

There are things that you can do to help keep the prices lower, regardless to your financial history or driving background. These things will include:

  • Bundle multiple different policies
  • Pay for the policy upfront
  • Take a defensive driving course online

If you have had a long time without a claim on your insurance, this is also something that you want to point out to the insurance professionals.

There are a lot of different things that you will want to talk with an insurance agent about as you have an interest in merging policies as a new couple. Go over these details and figure out what the best options are to get the lowest prices. Contact an agency, like Wolf Insurance Agency, for more help.