SR-22 Auto Insurance: Why It Is Required And Why You Should Get It

If you ever encounter getting a DUI or some other type of major driving violation, you will likely be told that you need to purchase SR-22 car insurance. If this is something you are told to do, you must follow through with it if you want to avoid further consequences. There is a good reason that this is required, and there are plenty of reasons you should get SR-22 car insurance if you are told you need it.

Why It Is Required

When you receive a major driving offense, you are considered a risk on the roads. This can include getting a DUI/DWI or a ticket for driving without insurance coverage. There are also times when people will be required to have SR-22 insurance for other reasons, such as getting too many driving violations in a short time span. Courts require that high-risk drivers get SR-22 insurance so that they can prove they have car insurance coverage. SR-22 insurance is something that requires insurance companies to notify the DMV if a driver loses their car insurance coverage for lack of payment or any other reason. Having SR-22 insurance offers a way to keep a closer eye on a high-risk driver, and that is the main reason it is required.

Reasons to Get It When You Need It

There are many reasons to purchase SR-22 insurance when you are told you need it, but the primary reason is to keep your driving privileges. When you need this coverage, it means that you are legally required to have it. If you do not get the coverage by the due date, you will lose your privileges to drive. This means that the DMV will suspend your driver's license. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you will be in even more trouble than you are already in.

Secondly, when you need this coverage, it is a legal requirement that does not simply go away with time. The requirement for having SR-22 coverage will not go away until you have purchased a policy and kept it for the necessary time span, which is usually three years. Once you complete the three years, the requirement to have SR-22 insurance will drop.

Paying for car insurance can be expensive, especially if you are a high-risk driver, but it is also necessary if you want to keep driving. To learn about SR-22 auto insurance, contact an insurance company today.