3 Types Of Home Security That Get Insurance Discounts

While shopping around does help save money on homeowners insurance, there are other ways to reduce these costs even more. For example, if your home has security and protection features, your insurance provider could offer you additional discounts. They know that enhanced security reduces the chances you'll have to make a claim.

What kinds of security will get you a discount?

1. Protection Against Theft

The more secure your home is, the harder it is to burgle. Experienced burglars avoid homes that have measures that make it hard to break in without being caught.

So, insurance companies are likely to offer you a discount if you have some security in place. You could put deadbolts and more secure locks on your doors; adding locks to your windows also helps. Products like burglar alarms and home security systems also boost your discounts, especially if they connect to a monitored security company or your local police department.

2. Protection Against Fire

Even a small fire can result in a large insurance claim; larger fires cause much more damage that costs a lot to make good. So, it makes sense to put measures in place that protect your home against the effects of fire.

Think of adding smoke detectors and even sprinkler systems. If you install a smoke alarm system that connects to your fire department, then you could get more money off.

Some companies also give discounts on homeowners insurance if you live in a smoke-free home. If nobody smokes in or around the property, then you won't risk a smoking-related fire. This could shave some extra cash off your premiums.

3. Protection Against Weather Damage

If you live in an area that suffers from damaging weather, like storms and hurricanes, for example, then insurance companies may give you a discount for any protective measures you put in place. Anything you can do to reduce the effects of weather damage reduces the amount they might have to pay you if you do make a claim.

So, for example, you might be able to reduce your policy costs if you have storm shutters on your windows. If you have a reinforced roof that gives extra protection against hail or storm damage, then this may also help.

If you think that you might be able to use your home to help reduce your homeowners insurance costs, then talk to a few insurance providers such as Illinois Insurance Center Inc about any security or protection discounts they can give you.