Make Sure Your Home Insurance Will Cover A Holiday-Related Incident

If you carry home insurance on your house, when's the last time you read up on the fine print? If it's been a while, it might be a good idea to take a look at your policy in advance of the holiday season. The holidays are a fun time of year, but they are also a time when unexpected things can occur. Here are some of the potential situations that may arise and why you might want to contact your home insurance provider before anything actually does happen.

Check Your Dwelling or Total Loss Coverage Before You Put Up Lights or Another Fire Hazard

The holidays are a time to light up your house with Christmas lights and other decorations. Hopefully, you inspect every light to make sure there are no wires stripped before you put everything together. But with that said, the lights do represent a potential fire hazard that you don't have up on your home at any other time of year. A house fire will typically be covered by a standard home insurance policy, but read the details. Is there a cap on the payout you receive in the event of a total loss? Is it possible to purchase additional insurance to raise this cap?

Make Sure You Are Covered for Property Damage and Bodily Injury Before a Big Holiday Party

The holidays are also a time when family and friends come to visit. Holiday parties can get wild sometimes, especially when alcohol is involved, so make sure you are covered for any situation. For example, if a guest is injured on your property, will your home insurance payout for their medical expenses? What kind of property damage payout will you receive if a guest damages something during the party? Call your agent and find out.

Check Your Deductible When It Comes to Theft and Make Sure Your Personal Property Coverage is Sufficient

The holidays are unfortunately also a big time of the year for burglaries. They may scope out houses and try and find one where the residents have clearly left for a week to go visit their family. You can put some of your lights on sensors or install a full security system to combat this, but you should also check what your deductible is when it comes to theft and see what your personal property payout currently looks like.

Contact your insurance provider today to make sure your home insurance can cover you during the holidays