Considerations When Adding A Teen To Your Auto Insurance Policy

Your teen is excited because he or she finally passed their driving test or applied for their learner's permit. But now the moment has come when you will need to add your teen to your current auto insurance policy. While you are likely happy your teen is moving towards achieving a major life milestone, you might be less excited about the upcoming increase of your auto insurance bill. Teens are notorious for causing insurance policy premiums to rise, as insurance companies often see them as high-risk. It is possible, though, for you to keep your insurance premium at a reasonable level if you keep the following considerations or tips in mind.

Does Your Teen Get Good Grades?

Some auto insurance providers are willing to offer a discount if your teen is a good student. The idea is that if your teen is responsible enough to do well in school, they may be more responsible on the road as well. Contact your insurance provider or seek out one in your area if you have a straight-A student in your household.

Get Your Teen to Complete a Driving Course

Not all auto insurance providers provide a good grades discount, but many more will offer one if your teen completes a course specifically aimed at improving driving skills. Talk to the driving instructors in your area or reach out to your auto insurance provider to find an eligible course in your area. Your teen will learn important skills while also saving you a bit of money in the process.

A Teen Who Leaves the Car at Home While Away at College May Lower Your Rate

If your teen is now 18 and heading off to college, there is another possible discount you may want to look into. Some auto insurance providers offer a "distant student' discount, which kicks in if you confirm that your teen went off to college in another city or state and left their car in the garage or driveway at home. If the auto insurance provider knows that your teen will not be actively driving the car for a good chunk of months during each school year, this may get you a lower premium. Some auto insurance providers may not offer a "distant student" program, but they may offer a discount for a teen that is going to put low mileage on the vehicle each year.

Contact your auto insurance provider today for more tips about getting your teen onto your policy.