4 Important Auto Insurance Tips For Parents Of Young Drivers

If you have a young driver in your home who is learning the way behind the wheel, you need to think comprehensively about their driving experience. You are going to want to ensure your young driver is properly trained and is properly insured.

Require Formal Driver's Training

Although you can teach your young driver on your own, and you should spend many hours with them practicing in the vehicle, it is best to have your young driver complete a formal driver's training program. A formal driver's training program will teach your child about all the road rules and provide your child with feedback and information about driving from someone who is trained to do so. Learning about the rules from someone other than a family member can be extremely useful and provide outside validation for the road rules.

Additionally, taking a formal driver's training class will likely provide you with a discount on your child's insurance costs.

Require Good Grades

Next, you need to require your young driver to maintain good grades. Many insurance companies use good grades to provide an insurance discount to drivers who are in high school and college. Getting good grades is a great way to show that you are responsible, and insurance companies will reward that responsibility with a discount.

Add Young Driver to Your Policy

Don't just assume that your child will be covered on your insurance policy. You will need to call your auto insurance provider to add them to your insurance policy as a covered driver. If you have to assign your child to a vehicle in your household, assign them to the vehicle with the lowest insurance premium. You want to ensure your insurance policy covers your child. Talk to your insurance agent about the best way to get coverage for your child. Generally, as long as your child is living at home and driving your car, they can be covered on your insurance policy and don't need their own policy.

Emphasize Minimizing Distractions

Set a good example for your young driver and put the phone away when you are driving. Establish the expectations that one's phone isn't to be used when driving. Teach your young driver to set up the music and navigation before they start driving and minimize distractions when they are on the road.

When it comes to being a parent of a young driver, ensure your child receives formal driver's training and requires them to get good grades; this will reduce the cost of covering them on your insurance and will help to teach them responsibility. Show your young driver how to minimize distractions when driving. Add them to your insurance policy.