New Graduate? Don’t Be Shocked By Auto Insurance Costs!

You've put in your time at university and now you have a new diploma in your hand. You are also likely stepping out fully into the adult world, which means you can no longer remain on your parent's auto insurance policy. The increase in costs can be shocking for a new graduate, since you will lose many discounts -- such as multi-policy discounts, your parents' driving history discounts, and any student discounts. Read More 

What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Surety Bonds

It's hard to imagine the words "surety bonds" and "cryptocurrency" being uttered in the same sentence, but it's quickly becoming a reality for those involved in cryptocurrency trading. As cryptocurrencies evolve from fringe investments to mainstream instruments, surety bonds may become an increasingly common requirement for those looking to trade in virtual currencies. The following takes an in-depth look at cryptocurrency surety bonds, including their overall purpose and how these bonds are likely to impact cryptocurrency trading. Read More 

Why Just Liability Is Acceptable When Insurance Is Required By Law

States that have made it mandatory for all drivers to carry auto insurance have varying expectations of how much insurance you should carry. In many states, liability insurance is the minimum requirement for drivers. It is also the acceptable level of insurance in these states. Here are the reasons why. Federal Poverty Levels in These States Are High No two ways about it; insurance on a vehicle is expensive. For many families in the states that only require liability coverage, such insurance is a big chunk of their income. Read More 

3 Ways To Purchase Insurance For Small Businesses

Small business owners have three ways to acquire the insurance protections their businesses need. They can purchase individual business insurance policies separately, purchase a business owners policy or purchase a commercial package policy. Each of these options has its own benefits and is right for a certain type of small business: Purchasing Individual Policies Separately Purchasing individual policies separately lets business owners select only the insurance policies they need. Business owners can hand-pick the types of coverage they want, regardless of whether they have other particular coverages. Read More 

Consider Extending Your Home Insurance To Cover These Things

When you have home insurance, it's important to review your insurance policy carefully so that you're certain about what things are covered. Additionally, you can contact your local insurance representative to go over the policy and ensure that you're clear about its contents. A basic home insurance policy will protect you in the event of a break-in, fire, and other issues, but you may occasionally find yourself in a situation in which you wish for more coverage. Read More