Running A Small Business: What You Need To Know About Buying Workers Compensation Insurance

Many people think of the need for workers compensation insurance as an issue that impacts only medium and large companies. However, the truth is that the need for workers comp insurance effects even the smallest of businesses. This is because in many states, you will be required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance if you have any employees on your payroll. Yes, this means that even if you simply have a family member who works for your business a few hours a week, you could be required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. Read More 

Save On Your Commercial Auto Insurance

If you operate a business that requires your employees to drive a company car — you must have commercial auto insurance coverage. For some business owners, this discovery comes along with the fear of a costly added expense. However, it is important to remember that you can secure auto insurance for your commercial needs without having to go over budget. Learn what you can do to save in this area. Read More 

Mobile Home Insurance Plan: Faqs

Also referred to as manufactured home insurance, mobile home insurance protects you financially in case of any damages to your home. While the law may not require it, most mortgage companies and mobile home communities may ask their homeowners to get this insurance policy. If you are looking to buy a manufactured home insurance policy, here are some commonly asked questions about the subject to help you understand better. Do You Need This Policy? Read More 

4 Important Auto Insurance Tips For Parents Of Young Drivers

If you have a young driver in your home who is learning the way behind the wheel, you need to think comprehensively about their driving experience. You are going to want to ensure your young driver is properly trained and is properly insured. Require Formal Driver's Training Although you can teach your young driver on your own, and you should spend many hours with them practicing in the vehicle, it is best to have your young driver complete a formal driver's training program. Read More 

When Do You Need An Auto Insurance Agent

When it comes to car insurance, you may need personalized service with a lot of things. Having an auto insurance agent you can talk to when you need help is a good way to navigate insurance issues. By doing so, you have the chance to get dedicated service and develop a strong work relationship with the agent instead of working with a different customer representative every time you need help. Below are some of the situations you can benefit from working with a car insurance agent. Read More