Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover Sports Camp?

Whether you're planning to send your child to a sports camp in the near future or are arranging for your own stint as a sports camp coach or assistant, you may be giving some thought to the additional physical risks inherent in sports participation. While your primary health insurance policy should be able to cover the cost of any injuries you or your child sustain at camp, these policies don't always provide the most comprehensive coverage or the best " Read More 

Protecting Your Business With Commercial Insurance

Managing the insurance needs of a business may not be the most exciting or profitable aspect of running these enterprises, but it can be essential for avoiding unnecessary losses. Insurance is a vital aspect of creating a stable enterprise. Myth: You Should Wait Until The Business Is Well-Established To Buy Insurance One faulty assumption about commercial insurance is that it is only necessary for an enterprise that is fairly well-established. While these businesses may have more assets that can be at risk of damage or loss, it is also necessary for startups and new businesses to protect themselves with commercial insurance. Read More 

What Are Ladders With Life Insurance?

If you have just started looking into getting a life insurance policy, you might come across the term "ladders" as you are evaluating different options. With life insurance, a ladder is a term used to refer to purchasing different life insurance policies, and here are several things you should know about ladders with life insurance. What it means A ladder simply refers to the process of purchasing different polices of life insurance either at the same time or at different times. Read More 

The Options You Have For Your Auto Insurance

If you have never purchased your own auto insurance policy before and do not understand how auto insurance works, you might be confused when you speak to an agent about the type of coverage you need. To help with this confusion, it is important to understand the following three options you will have when buying your policy. The types of coverages you want With auto insurance, there are many different types of coverages, and the types you need and want will depend on several things. Read More 

Interested In Reducing Premiums For Auto And Home Insurance? 3 Things To Consider Doing Now

Premium payments for home and car insurance take a big bite out of the budget in most American households today. The good news is that there are many factors are involved in how premium rates are determined, so it is often possible for families to find ways to reduce these costs. If you believe that the current premiums for your family's auto and home insurance policies are too high, here are some effective options you can use to try and reduce these costs. Read More