Setting Up Group Health Insurance For Your Business? Why You Need Consulting

Extending benefits to your customers can have some amazing advantages. Offering supplemented medical, dental, and vision benefits make it so much easier for your crew to stay up to date on things like check-ups and annual physicals. When your team can see the doctor on a consistent basis they may be able to better maintain their health, possibly leading to fewer sick days off from work. However, not all benefits packages are equal and if you want to make the best choice you may need a little assistance. Read More 

Considerations When Adding A Teen To Your Auto Insurance Policy

Your teen is excited because he or she finally passed their driving test or applied for their learner's permit. But now the moment has come when you will need to add your teen to your current auto insurance policy. While you are likely happy your teen is moving towards achieving a major life milestone, you might be less excited about the upcoming increase of your auto insurance bill. Teens are notorious for causing insurance policy premiums to rise, as insurance companies often see them as high-risk. Read More